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OH! QUEL BEAU JARDIN WILL PAY YOU A VISIT TO OUTLINE THE BEST PLANTING OPTIONS FOR YOUR GARDEN TO SUIT YOUR WISHES AND YOUR BUDGET.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Prices by square metre of garden area - please ask for details     

For more than 20 years, we have maintained
and valued some exceptional private
collector's gardens, bringing to bear our detailed
knowledge of pruning, especially  topiaries

Oh! quel beau jardin 1208 Geneva

  • De grandes connaissances
    et une grande expérience sont
    nécessaires pour concevoir
    un jardin, voire même un petit espace.
  • Nous avons un oeil professionnel
    et artistique.
  • Nous aimons ce que nous faisons.
  • Votre jardin est valorisé grâce
    à nos tailles, nos soins et nos
  • Vous recueillez fiabilité et
    pérennité pour votre jardin.

Oh! quel beau jardin 1208 Geneva


Oh! quel beau jardin 1208 Geneva

French pruning for "transparency" all year round,

Oh! quel beau jardin 1208 Geneva

Oh! quel beau jardin 1208 Geneva

and about repairs and care, intervening in a in timely manner, according to the unchanging cycle of nature.

Oh! quel beau jardin 1208 Geneva

At the request of many customers and out of respect for the planet, we are happy to only use natural plant treatments, enrichments and mulching.

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