Oh! quel beau jardin:  garden concepts in Geneva, the Vaud, and further afield

Competition winners for rose garden design for one of the main international organisations in Geneva.

Sophie Deville

Sophie Deville‘Between nature and the arts’, Sophie Deville was born to a family of painters. She first developed a strong aesthetic appreciation via fashion design. So her interest in materials, colours and their combinations makes perfect sense when it comes to gardens. A skilled designer, she knows how to make the best of any garden environment.

Jean Paul Chanel

Jean Paul ChanelAt the age of 20, Jean Paul Chanel was head of cultivation and propagation at one the largest nurseries of collector's plants in France. His passion then took him to work in Brittany at the famous parc de Kerdalo, where he met Princess Isabelle Wolkonsky and Timothy Vaughan. He pursued his interest in plants in various specialist nurseries in England, Belgium and Switzerland where he had the job of rose-breeder in one of the biggest garden centres in Europe.

Passionate about gardens and real plant lovers, for more than twenty years they have devoted themselves to producing garden concepts with a keen eye for detail, giving the gardens an aesthetic, structured and harmonious appearance that lasts throughout the seasons.

Flowering plants, evergreens, shape and colour combinations, leafage and scents make up their designs in which careful plant selection is married with variety and continuity.

Main projects completed

In addition to serving the needs of our loyal clients and the annual maintenance of their gardens, each year we design and refurbish numerous other gardens, including the following:


Renovation of a garden created about 40 years ago by the great Belgian landscape architect Jacques Wirtz - Carre d'Amont

Landscaping of the terrace of a new confectionery, city centre - Geneva

Creation of a japanese garden, rock garden and undergrowth - Meinier

Creation of a rose garden, romantic and bucolic atmosphere in mid-shade - Versoix
Redevelopment and restoration of an evergreen shrub garden, pruned forms - topiaries, perennials and grasses - Crans-Céligny

Mandate from the commune of Meinier and Choulex to inspect all private gardens in the communes as "fire blight" experts - Mandate in progress 2020-2021-2022


Renovation of an old French garden - Vandoeuvres

Creation of a garden, rose garden, grass and mineral - Collonge - Bellerives

Creation of terraces in Saint Jean - Geneva
Mandate from the commune of Meinier for the inspection of "fire blight" of all private gardens in the commune, as "fire blight" experts - Mandate in progress 2020-2021-2022


Renovation of a master garden in Chambésy

Creation of a rose garden - Chambésy
Creation and development of a courtyard in the city centre - Geneva
Development of a garden with a Mediterranean atmosphere, grasses, aromatics and evergreens - Collonge-Bellerive
Enhancement of the topiary boxwood of a property and renovation of its central path, planting of decorative deciduous trees - Nyon


Renovation of a garden and design of English-style flowerbeds. – Vésenaz 

Design of a rose garden featuring 150 English roses – Confignon
Design of a scented garden based on low-maintenance, fragrant shrub roses, the Mexican orange trees and crepe myrtle –Céligny
Design of a shaded terrace – Chambésy


Design of a rose garden in the form of polychrome islands with perennial and grass - Versoix
Construction of a raised Japanse garden with a shady exposition - Vandoeuvres
Design of a structured terrace with Osmanthes and Phillyreas - Montreux
Landscaping of a pedestrian path with palisades, a villa area - Geneva


Transformation of a garden in Chambesy - Geneva


Design of a terrace of aromatic plants , Champel - Geneva

Design of a rose garden (250m2) for one of the main international organisations in Geneva, project - Geneva

Design of a rockery in Thônex - Geneva

Restoration of an old garden in Chêne-Bougerie - Geneva

Design of 2 terraces in Vandoeuvres - Geneva

Construction of a frontage of a listed building in Montbrillant - Geneva

Design of an urban terrace, Eaux-Vives - Geneva


Construction of the terraces at Le Richemond hotel - Geneva

Design of a rose terrace in Frontenex - Geneva


Design of a little shaded garden in Carouge - GenevaTransformation of a garden in Carouge - Geneva

Business invited to participate in the plant display of the Bal de la Croix-Rouge in Geneva, Arena Geneva

Design of a rose garden for Châteaux Moulinsard in Viry - France

Design of a rose garden in Céligny - GenevaDesign and transformation of 2 rockeries (200m2) in a collectors' garden in Céligny - Geneva


Design of a rose garden in Perroy - VaudDesign of a terrace in Rolle - Vaud

Design of new rockeries in Versoix - Geneva

Transformation of a property entrance in Versoix - Geneva

Repair of a locality at La Petite Boissière - Geneva


Design of shaded rockeries and a rose garden in Chambésy - Geneva
Design of a rose garden in Saint-Prex - Vaud


Competition winners for the design of a garden at one of the main international organisations in Geneva

Construction of a collector's garden in Versoix - Geneva

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